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Professional tilt sensor, integrated high-precision accelerometer, gyroscope, professional attitude calculation, through the Kalman filter, output high-precision attitude angle, according to different applications, through electronic switches, relays, voltage, current output. Industrial voltage input can be set through the serial port sensor parameters, built-in ESD protection, waterproof, use temperature -40 ~ 85 °.

Selection Table

Please click the relevant type which respond to yours,you can find the User Manual & PC software & Drive by yourself.

ModelFeaturesAccuracyCommunication methodInput voltageOutput methodAccelerationAngular speedAngleMaximum transmissionProtection levelApplication
SINETdual-axis switch output (electronic switch)0.05°TTL/2329-36VElectronic switch±2、4、8、16g±2000°/sX(-90,90) Y(-90,90)200HZIP67Static and dynamic
SINITdual-axis current output0.05°TTL/2329-36V4-20mA±2、4、8、16g±2000°/sX(-90,90) Y(-90,90)200HZIP67Static and dynamic
SINVT TTLdual-axis analog voltage output0.05°TTL9-36V0-5VAnalog voltage output±2、4、8、16g±2000°/sX(-90,90) Y(-90,90)200HZIP67Static and dynamic
SINVT RS232dual-axis analog voltage output0.05°2329-36V0-5V Analog voltage output±2、4、8、16g±2000°/sX(-90,90) Y(-90,90)200HZIP67Static and dynamic
SINRT RS232dual-axis switching output (relay type)0.05°2329-36VRelay switch±2、4、8、16g±2000°/sX(-90,90) Y(-90,90)200HZIP67Static and dynamic