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Function Table

Serial Module

Please click the relevant type which respond to yours,you can find the User Manual & Drive by yourself.

ModelInput voltageThe output voltageOutput levelFeatures
(6-in-1)USB TTL 232 485 Module3.3/5V3.3/5VTTL/232/485TTL/232/485/USBInterchanges up to six functions with send/receive indicator
(3-in-1)USB to TTL 232 485 Module3.3/5V3.3/5VTTL/232/485Direct wiring does not need to regulate dial switch, with send and receive lights
USB-TTL3.3/5V3.3/5VTTLDirect output TTL level with send and receive indicator
USB-2323.3/5V3.3/5VTTLDirect output 232 level
USB-4853.3/5V3.3/5VTTLDirect output 485 level
USB-CAN3.3/5V3.3/5VTTLDirect output CAN level
TTL-CAN3.3/5V3.3/5VTTL/CANDirect output TTL/CAN level

Bluetooth Module

ModelInput voltageOutput levelFeatures
HC-063.3-5VTTL/Bluetooth 2.0Bluetooth wireless connection, self-configured name, master-slave mode, pairing password, etc.
BLE4.0 Penetrate Module3.3-5VTTL/BLE4.0Bluetooth wireless connection, self-configured name, serial port baud rate, etc.

GPS Module

ModelGPS Module
Interface featuresTTL,compatible 3.3/5V MCU system
Receiving characteristics50 aisle,GPS L1(1575.42MHz) C/A code,SBAS:WAAS/EGNOS/MESE
Positioning2.5mCEP (SBAS:2.0mCEP)
Update rate5Hz(MAX)
Capture timeCold start:27s
Warm start:27s
Hot Start:1s
Capture tracking sensitivity-161dBm
ProtocolNMES(default)/UBX Binary
Serial communication baud rate4800、9600(default)、19200、38400、57600、115200、230400
Operating temperature-40℃~85℃
Module size25.5mm*31mm

Resource Summary

User Manual and Development Documents: communication_module document center

Device driver: serial_port_debugging_assistant CH340 CP2102