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Bluetooth digital inclinometer, small size, high precision, standard shell, integrated high-precision accelerometer and gyroscope, professional attitude calculation, through the Kalman filter, output high-precision attitude angle. Input voltage 3.3-5V, serial TTL level output, Bluetooth 2.0, wireless output, support Android system, built-in high-capacity lithium battery, use temperature -40 ~ 85 °.

Selection Table

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ModelVoltageOutputAccelerationAngular speedAngleAngle accuracyMagneticQuaternionBarometric heightMaximum transmissionApplicati
BWT613.3-5VTTL\Bluetooth 2.0XYZX Y ZX YX Y 0.05yesyesno200hzStatic and dynamic
BWT9013.3-5VTTL\Bluetooth 2.0XYZX Y ZX Y ZX Y 0.05yesyesno200hzStatic and dynamic
BWT61CL3.3-5VTTL\Bluetooth 2.0XYZ ±16X Y ZX Y ZX Y 0.05

100hzStatic and dynamic
Z-axis drift
BWT901CL3.3-5VTTL\Bluetooth 2.0XYZX Y ZX Y ZX Y 0.05yesyes
200hzStatic and dynamic
WT901BLE3.3-5VTTL/Ble5.0XYZX Y ZX Y ZX Y 0.05yesyesyes100hzStatic and dynamic
WT901BLECL BLE 5.03.3-5VTTL\BLE5.0XYZX Y ZX Y ZX Y 0.05yesyesno50hzStatic and dynamic